Relay For Life Penang 2017

September 30, 2017

October 1, 2017

18:00 To 10:00

04 2284140

Event Description


Our Mission
Relay for Life is a worldwide movement that aims to spread the key messages about cancer as well as raise much needed funds for cancer services. It started in USA, under the American Cancer Society, and is now held in over 20 countries around the world.
The National Cancer Society of Malaysia Penang Branch initiated the Relay in Malaysia, in 2005. KL and Malacca now also hold Relays. We look forward to other Malaysian states joining in.

The Meaning of Relay
Relay brings us together as a community in our fight against cancer. It affirms that we can do things to protect ourselves and our loved ones against cancer; that we need to know more and spread knowledge to others; and that we can celebrate this fight together over the months of the Relay campaign, and of course at the final Relay event.
There are three key concepts for Relay which apply to us as individuals and as a Relay community: celebrate, remember, fight back.
We celebrate survivorship and everyone involved in fighting and supporting people in their fight against cancer – survivors, carers, families, and friends. The first lap at Relay is walked by survivors and their carers/supporters.
We remember those who have fought cancer. At Relay, we do this especially through the very special Luminaria ceremony. Hundreds of luminaria bags, dedicated to loved ones, line the track and are left burning throughout the night. It’s a spectacular sight.
We commit ourselves to fight back against cancer, through the various activities of Relay and beyond. This includes carrying the key messages to as many people as we possibly can, making sure people understand cancer better, how we can fight it, and where we can go for help.

This year, this will be overnight starting at about 6pm 30th September 2017 and going through till 10am 1st October 2017.

As many of you will know, in addition to all the entertainment, food, and other stalls, there is a track which teams and individuals take turns to walk around (Relay for Life!). The sixteen hours of ‘relaying’ symbolise the journey of a cancer patient and the non-stop fight against cancer. As we walk around the track, we can think about the initial diagnosis of a cancer patient, and then, as time goes in, the various stages of reaction and treatment that patients and carers go through. It is a long journey for many, full of conflicting emotions, ranging from hope to despair. All this can be seen in our overnight Relay – and that is why we ask teams to keep at least one person on the track at all times, to share and symbolise our support for survivors and our communal fight against cancer.
Together we can make a difference.
Together we can fight cancer!

Our selection of food for your temptations and enjoyment. Food trucks at Relay.
All food sold will be using food coupons. Please purchase your coupons to purchase food. Buy more to eat later. Remember Penang food is always mouth watering delicious. Oh yeahhhh come come come.

Additional Information or Registration Details

Register at Relay For Life 2017 – Fighting Cancer Together

Keep in touch on this facebook group and check out for more information. 
Contact the Relay for Life Secretariat on 04 228 4140 or email Dana

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